DIY Lace Lantern
November 7th, 2013


I love coming up with themes for parties and I always try to be as creative as possible! One of my all time favourite themes that I came up with was for a baby shower that I was helping decorate! The theme was lavender and lace and it was the perfect mix of fun and elegance. However, as great as the idea was… I quickly found out that it wasn’t going to be easy finding decor in this theme. So, that is why I love DIY so much, it allows you to take your creative ideas and make them come to life!

Here’s how I made custom DIY Lace Lanterns that were certainly a big hit at the party!

What you will need:

– round lanterns (from dollar store)

– tissue paper (colour to match your theme)

– stretch lace (

– fabric scissors

– stapler

– tape

– string




1. Lay the lantern on it’s side with openings horizontal. Wrap the tissue paper around it and tuck it into the openings.


2. Tape the tissue paper in place onto the side of the lantern


3. Try to get the tissue paper to lay as flat as possible around the lantern by tucking it in tightly under the wire openings.


4. Remove any excess tissue paper and staple the tissue paper in place. Watch your fingers!


5. Repeat until there is a good coverage of tissue paper around the lantern


6. Follow the same process with the layer of lace


7. Attach a piece of string and hang the lantern in place

Ta- dah… all done!

Oh how I love lanterns… they instantly add such a fun and intriguing element to any party!

I wish I could leave them up all the time…


A Pink Halloween
October 28th, 2013


It’s almost that time!!! Time for all the cute kiddies in the neighbourhood to get even cuter and get dressed up for Halloween! I’m so excited to see all the adorable costumes again this year, it’s my favourite part of Halloween. Not being a huge fan of the orange and black theme that usually accompanies Halloween I decided to put a different spin on things and instead went with pink, black and silver decor!


One of my best friends Jamie went shopping with me at Michaels and HomeSense and this is what we found! At the time we had no clue what we would do with all of the stuff but just grabbed a bunch of fun things that looked pretty and well… thank goodness, they all came together!


I absolutely love the black garland and spiders crawling up the tree… and the pink certainly pops against the neutral backdrop.

I used some card stock and stickers to make the Halloween sign and placed it in a black frame to add a custom touch to the decor.

This just shows that Halloween can be both fun and stylish all at once!

Happy Trick or Treating everyone!

Don’t forget to pick up some candy…


Happy Thanksgiving
October 11th, 2013


Wow! It’s hard to believe that the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend is already here. It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend so we certainly have that to be thankful for! The history of Thanksgiving was to celebrate the Fall harvest and to give thanks for the blessings of the previous year. So be sure to keep this in mind amongst all of the plans, preparations and travel that may occupy your time this weekend. I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend celebrating your blessings with friends and family.